Website For A Dictionary

A dictionary website is a tool that allows users to search for various terms and their definitions in one location. Some websites offer extra tools such as a thesaurus or a translation tools, and even a feature known as the word of the day, which can help people learn English. The top dictionary websites have numerous features to meet the requirements of a variety of users. They are often designed to be enjoyable for kids too.

The Free Dictionary is a good example of an online dictionary which offers many different options like a thesaurus voice pronunciations and an intransitive verbs translator. It also provides a extensive list of synonyms and antinomyms, and lets you save searches as favorites with its Power Thesaurus service. The site is basic, but worth a look.

Macmillan Dictionary is another online dictionary that offers a wide variety of options. This dictionary focuses on the 7,500 most frequently used words in English and also includes synonyms, antonyms as well as colloquial usage examples. It also allows you to submit new words and phrases to its crowdsourced Open Dictionary. It does not have as many idioms and phrasalverbs as other dictionary sources.

Visuwords, a visual online dictionary, produces diagrams that demonstrate the relation between words. This is a unique choice which can be very useful in understanding complicated English words.

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